Synapsis Records

Deep in the Chicago Underground.

G. Marcell

G. Marcell

G. Marcell

Words of inspiration to get the world moving 360 positive. If no one today have told you that you are loved let me be the first, you are loved. G.Marcell started spinning at 89.3 WKKC on Sound Waves in Chicago on Saturday back in 1991 (as Suga Bear). In between now and then G. Marcell have beat up clubs and parties from Chicago to Indiana on up to Michigan. As far as releases go, in 2002 dropping his first E.P. w/ Bumpincity entitled “The Definition Of G. Marcell” was the start of his journey as a producer. Since then, G. Marcell have worked and produced remixes for different underground labels such as, Underground Uncensored, Noble Square Recordings (NSR), Synapsis, Minimalizm and also have started his own label. And for artist that he have worked with…….. Well………… Ricardo Miranda, Amir Alexander, Hakim Murphy and more. As of now he continues to produce and remix music and stay on a spiritual plane in the process.


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