Synapsis Records

Deep in the Chicago Underground.




Synapsis Recordings, Generator Recordings, Soul Magnifique, Chocolate Industries, Indecence Recordings. Since the 90’s , Miles has been in the dance music trenches, playing shows and producing records that have been revered by artist the world around. His records have ended up on playlist and radio shows of countless artists and even been featured on Dave Clarke’s “White Noise” show.

Miles has been a pioneer in the acid and techno genre. He is also credited for bringing Schranz Techno to the mid-west. Miles stepped out of the scene for a while to raise his two children and shifted his main musical focus to production. With his releases, on Generator Recordings, Chocolate Industries, Indecence Recordings, as well as his home on Synapsis Recordings, he explores the orchestrative side of the genres, not settling for the standard loop based productions that are common place in most dance music production. He is a musician in his own right, and shows it in all of his music. His productions are full bodied pieces of electronic music, that follow a song structure reminiscent of jam bands. Miles looks at music as an open canvas, and draws from every genre you can hear. His hop hop production is also different, utilizing layering of drums and synths that you can hear on his collaboration with his brother, artist Hollywood Holt, on Chocolate Industries. He uses vintage synths and drum machines as well as Reason and Ableton live, and other electronics for his production. He is among those who saw the need to do something different.

There is nothing typical about his music or his dj’ing performances. Miles started dj’ing when it was an art form, before technology advanced. He used 3 turntables, effects, and was one of the few artist at the time to use a laptop, to incorporate his live pa material into his sets. Miles explores and plays all genres he enjoys from Techno, to Acid House. At any given time, you will hear snips of funk, classic rock, punk, hip hop or any genre that fits into his musical canvas. He finds a way to perfectly fuse the genre’s together and adds a special touch of class when the chemistry of the music complements each other. Miles is one of those rare artist who knows his music and respects the history. He is as energetic as his music, not a headphone hugger, but a wild body jackin’ power house showman. Miles is one of those artists who will remain in the music as long as he lives, with a smile on his face.


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