Synapsis Records

Deep in the Chicago Underground.

Spirit of the Black 808


Spirit of the Black 808

Major invasion force from Chicago USA – SPIRIT OF THE BLACK 808. Influenced by Flying Lotus, Floating Points, Larry Heard, Theo Parrish, MCDE, Hakim Murphy, Malik Pittman, Steve Tang and creative artist all over the world who put their artwork first.

Spirit Of The Black 808 Inherited his brothers record collection – which he bought at Chicago’s famous landmark record store Imports Etc – at a very young age. The collection included various sounds of music such as early house records, bboy music & italo imports. SB808 also slowly took possession of his older brothers Casio RZ-1 and Casio CZ-1000. In recent years, SB808 has most generously been given a Juno-106 from musical prodigy **************. This is not an endorsement of analog equipment because all manner of sonic ammunition is used to make music at SB808’s disposal.

**I create a thick chunky fusion of deep house, funk, downtempo boogie and hip hop . You have been warned.


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