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I am catalogue number 016 on Synapsis Records. Four tunes called 4D Mind Sculpting comprise this 12” that fill up the frequency spectrum with its acid lines, chord progressions, and arpeggiation lines. Four dimensions do not exist in our reality but if one could imagine the extra dimensional sense, then these four compositions are what I imagine.   

Arp Love Confusion///Strong words of advice begin with a full bass and sparse chords as the percussion strikes in the background. Later an arpeggiation followed by a second arpeggiation happens to create moody and malleable effects. The intensity picks up as the chords swell and the vocals continue, all the elements persist with fluid motion as it slowly descends to a kick at the end.

Leecher///A warm kick and panning arpeggiation begins the composition followed quickly by a melody and then another arpeggiation appears. The percussion is sparse and moving, then an acid line drops that causes counterpoint before becoming the main focus of the tune for a while. The acid line modulates for a bit and leads us back to an arp line. The head bobbing is now in full effect, as all the elements move back in forth and fill up one’s eardrum with waveforms. The acid line makes a break and the journey comes to an end with the arp line.

Şımarık///A filtered percussion loop with sparse chords begin the piece. Hi hats come in hot that leads us into acid line which also serves as the melody. Then suddenly a counter melody appears as the chords hit more often. Many modulations occur as the tune moves through time causing great variety due to the decay from the chords. The acid line comes back to do the work and is the focus as the track builds back up just to be deconstructed at the end.

Sensei///The 12” ends with banging percussion complimented with fluttering flute lines. The acid line comes in to add a groove that leads us to a chord progression. The bright chords ride over the top as the acid line modulates. The chords gain steam and the acid line becomes the focus as the synth toms syncopate, the kick also moves around adding additional syncopation. The interplay between the elements continues until the conclusion.

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Rush Hour











Synapsis rocks next with a full ep from G. Marcell called The Coming (Future). In this four tune project G. Marcell shows off his melodic skills with many nice melody and bass line phrases. The dance energy is non stop and as the ep progresses so does the deepness. Perhaps the future is all ready here, let’s listen to the the sonic waveforms.

Barbarix///A stuttering bassline begins the ep as the beat drops, melodic notes appear that starts to vary in note length. Percussion beats as toms hit in between the quarter notes. Sounding like the name with the rough and taking no prisoners textures.

Silent Rush///Next up is a tune where the tones stay in the higher note registers. The bass line is sneaky as the note timbre begin low and tail off to higher tones. Syncopation everywhere as the beat drops after a few intro phrases. Droning notes help to fill out the tune, later a chord progression opens up with new melody notes added, causing a nice B section. Banging percussion all the way through.

Warped Mind Structure (People)///Though the beat is 4/4 the elusion of a break beat is perceived as the toms syncopate. A deep bassline kicks in to anchor the beat. Even deeper chords come in afterward to emote feelings of the past. People can you feel this? The bassline subtly becomes more complex as time floats by.

DirtyAsDistortion///Ending this 12″ with another grimey bassline is very fitting, a manic bass rides as the kick hits. Notes drone at the top, then suddenly a string melody line comes in, adding feelings to the mix. But the melody only last a moment as the bass line beats only to re-appear again. Yeah work it out.

Four jams moving in unison to bang the box!

hakim murphy

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The album Astral Traveling by Innerspace Halflife is among us with 9 tunes straight from the universal psyche, yet articulated with the tools of human perception through waveforms. Deeper and deeper the tunes take a listener on a journey of spacey pads, longing melodies, electronic bass notes, and jacking drum programming.

In terms of human understanding, the universe is infinite which makes any scenario one can think of possible. With this in mind, Astral Traveling was composed and explores the deepness of creativity as Innerspace Halflife reaches down to pull out sounds using various techniques.

The story begins with Teardrop from Nebula 1122+22. Straight from a far away point in space which can serve as the beginning or end of a journey. Deep chord pads and flurrying synths twinkle around while the bassline follows suit, sounding like aliens talking, definitely a conversation of sonic verbs, adjectives, and nouns.

After experiencing an assault of melodies, Particle Burst takes command with its chunky beats, rich chords, and many synth lines. Like when scientists found how to split atoms into particles, the bass melody line dances around sounding different with each phrase iteration. The chords here are emotive.

So it is only natural that Breaking Lights would follow as the percussion flows, hand claps serge and lead us into a electronic bass line. Swinging hi hats appear and break through the beat like lights followed by a string melody line.

Next the deep jack comes to light with the electric sounds from the ionic sphere. Ionic Transport begins with deep chords which lead to nasty rhythms that electrify speaker cones. The syncopated beat keeps jacking, later the action gets busier and a bassline appears to relieve the tension like lightning striking that increases one’s heart rate.

Starfields is next and this tune focuses on the melodies and rhythms, moving around like twinkling starts. The kick bumps as a bassline flows. After a long time on one chord the tune opens up into a progression causing great relief to the listener’s ears. Looking out at starfields, this piece sounds like stars having interstellar conversations through tones.

An intermission ensues and a poem about Galaxy Dreaming appears, like most far off galaxies the language is indercipherable to humans ears with the delaying synth lines moving around.

Meanwhile between the interstellar talk, the transmission are intercepted by planets. Magical Rings sounds as the bass synth drops, going round and round the melody as the bass chase each other while the sparse percussion moves. The celestial melody comes back and speaks more later in the tune.

From these rings dust is generated due to gravitational pulls but not just any dust but Acid Dust. Banging kick drums and multiple acid lines appear to create the groove. Melody lines materilize and swell into great soundscapes, the percussion changes nicely augmenting the acid line changes. Then the end of this cosmic adventure comes in on the micro level with Escape System.

Atoms being broken down into the finest pieces possible, even the basis of jump technology sounds off with banging kick drums and percussion that moves fast. The bassline arrives first, steadily pulsating, and the deep pads come out to sing several melodies. Balancing between bass and pads equal emotive interstellar astral traveling.

Enjoy the ride as Innerspace Halflife shows you one way of Astral Traveling through sonic tones.

hakim murphy

a1.Teardrop from Teardrop from Nebula 1122+22
a2.Particle Burst
b1.Breaking Lights
b2.Ionic Transport
c2.Galaxy Dreaming
d1.Acid Dust
d2.Escape System

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Murph Tone Jack Session II is on deck as it took a moment to come but the last 4 tunes in the album get released. The first part of the project can be heard here:

These last 4 tunes presenting in this 12″ are the more emotive pieces to the Murph Tone Jack Session. One acid and three deep tracks that can be used as dj tools or enjoyed as full compositions. Sounds are below:

a1.Jbonanza///Moving from the beginning, the closed hi hats picks up steam as the claps strike. The bubblegum sounding acid line drops to lead you along. Toms drop as the acid line slows to add the vortex of sonic motion.

a2.Chicago Head///A kick drum and ambiance begin a story about how society treats people backed by some moving percussion that leads into a elongated bass line and space chords.

b1.Tender B///A droning chord begins with spacey and wet waveforms that continue to evolve while percussion sparsely sounds to keep the track moving. Deep house.

b2.Gestation///Ends this project with a driving bass line, bouncing percussion, and longing chords that continually switch focus throughout time – integrated with soul, machines, and effects. The chords move around and speak more emotively as a swell of feeling ends the vinyl.

Glad that this album could come to light, I wanted to put this on a double vinyl but at last in two parts in any case. Look for the Murph Tone Jack Session Remixes coming in the winter of 2013 on 12″ with Chicago Skyway, G. Marcell, Ike Release and Steven Tang.

Distributed by Crosstalk.

Review on Juno Plus.

Review on 5 Magazine.

Hakim Murphy







008 materializes from Spirit of the Black 808 with a “12 called Guerilla Shit. SB808 manifests three rough, rugged, and raw tunes in which the waveforms are stopping eardrums and woofers meanwhile experimenting but still staying true to the Chicago ethos. So we at Synapsis continue to push the underground music; hence guerilla shit!

King Kong///Percussion rings out while tom drums began as the focal point of the tune. The attention torch is passed when a detuned bass melody begins to ring out notes. Periodically vocals come and go for most of the journey while some bass staccato sounds augment the piece. This tune begins the EP with an eerie feeling as the melody line continues to articulate long and slightly dissonant notes.

Guerilla Shit///Raw percussion begins as toms bang and synth lines pulsate. Chords come in early to join the flurry momentarily. Vocals ring out as a brother tries to catch your attention. Jack mode grabs the soul as the track continues to groove. “Man, you just got hit with some Guerilla Shit!”

4dabrothasthatainthere///To finish off the EP we have the most experimental tune holding down the B side. Slowed down acid lines begin while a voice gives a shout out to the fallen brothers. Emotive chords sound as the percussion moves and moves. After each phrase new sounds and rhythms proceed to fill out the beat while a subbass plays in the lowest note registers. Meanwhile the acid line is steadily tweaking to provide a journey.

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synapsis007 side A

synapsis007 side A

synapsis007 side B

synapsis007 side B

Yeah, Synapsis Records is back with another project from myself called Murph Tone Jack Session. Specifically made for those afterhour, loft/warehouse party moments where the new music is exposed. Banging raw cuts that are sure to rock the spot with tight drums and crazy synth work. I made this as an eight track album, but I decided to split into two 12″s so I can drop this onto society. Welcome to my vision of what the underground stands for through my Chicago perspective, here are the sound samples:

Smack Sessions///I begin this journey with dirty percussion and syncopated rhythms in which a bass note is featured. This tune takes you on an escapade of syncopated feels with lots of call and response.

Technicals///A wild synth line begins as shimmering procession sounds in the background. The focus continually changes between the drums and the synth rhythms, this tune will definitely take you on a nice ride.

Flavor Aide///Compress kicks begin as a droning melody line sounds and is quickly followed by a neo acid line. It is quite easy to get lost in the mix in this one as the elements change ever so slightly; establishing mad flavor.

Unit Movement///To end this 12″, comes an slightly playful improvised bass line that leads us to some deep chords and a melody line. Meanwhile percussion jumps around in the background as another synth sound stabs your ear. Yes all elements are cohesive enough to move as a unit.

Look for Murph Tone Jack Session II in the summer of 2013.

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hakim murphy







So, yeah team Synapsis had to get a Mauser EP on wax after releasing the banger; Leger De Main on the Timeless Chicago EP. The name of this release is “The Vault EP”, acid and techno tracks from the files of Mauser. He is straight representing Chicago techno that moves heads and dancefloors.  The tunes range from acid to straight techno. Ah, again a fresh fusion of Chicago elements from the Synapsis crew.

Blackman: Begins with a jazzed out acid house beat and progresses into a journey of rhythms. The appregiated melody lines, bring out your inner jack as the acid lines sneaks up on you so sweetly. Yes, I’m jacking to the pulse with the four on the floor!

Dancin: Previously released on the digital only Jack Pulse EP (synapsis002), Dancin is built on a melody line that constantly filters together with sparse sounds and vocals that say, dancin. What an acid banger, seriously you will start dancin.

Binary: A video game synth is abundant in this track, Mauser turns this sound into a jacking melody. I’m appreciating this Chicago techno story.  Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Regenerate: says, “Time for the techno beatdown.” Mauser shows us his love for techno as Regenerate moves and bangs.

Distributed by Crosstalk Chicago