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Synapsis-015 comes to you from a deep house soldier from Limerick, Ireland. Frawl drops 3 tunes that are slow, deep, and burn like a nicely rolled blunt. The tunes will appeal to the beatdown heads who get into the momentous track flow and maximum sound design. There are plenty of delays, echoes, and reverbs here with subtle arrangement techniques in his release called Randy Spirit EP.

Smash Take///The vinyl begins with some slowed down sounds that lead into a chord progression and pitched down vocals. The house feeling is deep in this one as the kick drops out and the tune begins to gain energy with a crash symbol creating movement before a hihat comes in to create maximum momentum. The slow vocals makes more appearances as the chord progression continues to move its way around accompanied by sparse synth stabs.

Watkins///The B side starts with crunchy deep drums and an erie sparse melody line. The kick drops out and then another percussion instrument comes in and as the melody synth becomes more frequent. The delay effect is helping to rock the beat, as time go by the tune builds and builds, the synth gains more energy and suddenly toms become a bass line. Deeper we go into the rabbit hole as one’s head begins to bounce, then a change in notes bring relief to the tension, and then we are back where we started.

The Treaty Beat///The project ends with some effects, a synth melody, and percussion that beats for a while to get the groove going. The full melody comes in subtly as the back beat continues to hit. Then the melody lines take over the main focus for a while and then a nice B section of chords come in to slightly change the complexion of the tune, and rides out until the A section makes a brief appearance at the end.

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Synapsis Records Radio


Synapsis Records Radio

Synapsis Records Radio

Synapsis Records Radio is born via Mixcloud to feature mixtapes from artist of Synapsis Records. Everyone on Synapsis has skills on the decks or the live PA. Spreading the music that we love, the label embarks on listening adventures from the roster that includes guests from the past, present, and future.

Hakim Murphy







Synapsis006 is up next with another collaboration between DJ Spider & Hakim Murphy called AudioTagz EP. Inspired by graffiti street art and translated into tones as they tag your eardrums. These throw ups are their signatures, as the take you on an adventure of techno, beatdown, deep house, and experimental sounds. This four track ep is dedicated to all the street artists out there representing themselves through their tags.

Concrete Canvas///Is up first as the bassline drops, followed by some atmosphere; the acid line appears with a nice bubbly effect. Later crazy chords come in to add to the melee.

Sprayz///Beatdown status in full happs, as the shakers move the synth line comes in and drives the tune with a nasty bass that is smashing bass bins.

ThrowUp199///Strong melody notes and spraying begins the tune as it suddenly turns into a jazzy deep joint, and finally ends with those strange chords which it bean with, celebrating the throw ups around the world.

Krylon Fingers///A broken beat joint that features two synth lines conversing with each other as the bass pulsates. Samples appear throughout to add to the ambiance.

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