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Synapsis rocks next with a full ep from G. Marcell called The Coming (Future). In this four tune project G. Marcell shows off his melodic skills with many nice melody and bass line phrases. The dance energy is non stop and as the ep progresses so does the deepness. Perhaps the future is all ready here, let’s listen to the the sonic waveforms.

Barbarix///A stuttering bassline begins the ep as the beat drops, melodic notes appear that starts to vary in note length. Percussion beats as toms hit in between the quarter notes. Sounding like the name with the rough and taking no prisoners textures.

Silent Rush///Next up is a tune where the tones stay in the higher note registers. The bass line is sneaky as the note timbre begin low and tail off to higher tones. Syncopation everywhere as the beat drops after a few intro phrases. Droning notes help to fill out the tune, later a chord progression opens up with new melody notes added, causing a nice B section. Banging percussion all the way through.

Warped Mind Structure (People)///Though the beat is 4/4 the elusion of a break beat is perceived as the toms syncopate. A deep bassline kicks in to anchor the beat. Even deeper chords come in afterward to emote feelings of the past. People can you feel this? The bassline subtly becomes more complex as time floats by.

DirtyAsDistortion///Ending this 12″ with another grimey bassline is very fitting, a manic bass rides as the kick hits. Notes drone at the top, then suddenly a string melody line comes in, adding feelings to the mix. But the melody only last a moment as the bass line beats only to re-appear again. Yeah work it out.

Four jams moving in unison to bang the box!

hakim murphy

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Murph Tone Jack Session Remixes have come up, I was planning to do a remix vinyl for at least a year. And finally the opportunity came up for me to get four reinterpretations from Chicago producers Chicago Skyway, G. Marcell, Ike Release, and Steven Tang. Their contributions expand the Jack Session with deep and rhythmic tunes that will rock from warehouse to boats.

Chicago Head (Chicago Skyway Remix)///The remix 12″ begins with hihats, melodies, and a train trip that explores the jack. Bouncing melodies accompany a story about life perceptions. The subtlies of the beats showcases Skyway’s drum programming.

Tender B (G. Marcell Tender Touch Remix)///The A side ends with classic G. Marcell percussion and drowning pads. Meanwhile the chords move in the background as a secondary broken kick pattern comes forth. The tune slowly builds and breaks as the kick drum pulsates.

Technicals (Ike Release Remix)///The B side begins with squelchy bass lines and some Murph Tone percussion sounds. Re-triggered percussion move around as the bass line continues to to tap the frequency spectrum to emotive rawness.

Tender B (Steven Tang Remix)///Ending the 12″ is a deep house jam that has the chord sound changed with a new bassline and string melody. Nice and deep is this tune.

Subtleties in music inspired the jack session album as the remixes follow this same ethos.  This is the conclusion of the  Murph Tone Jack Session.

Murph Tone Jack Session I

Murph Tone Jack Session II

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hakim murphy

Synapsis Records Radio


Synapsis Records Radio

Synapsis Records Radio

Synapsis Records Radio is born via Mixcloud to feature mixtapes from artist of Synapsis Records. Everyone on Synapsis has skills on the decks or the live PA. Spreading the music that we love, the label embarks on listening adventures from the roster that includes guests from the past, present, and future.

Hakim Murphy







All right, all right new vinyl straight from the streets of Chicago through Team Synapsis.  Synapsis003 is arriving with some gems that brings unique flavor via four Chicago producers.  Timeless Chicago EP ranges from acid to deep featuring:

Hakim Murphy, one half of Team Synapsis, leads off side A with an acid jam called “Dem Shits Shinobi”.  Inspired by the Anime show Naruto, the track continues to move and develop like the character.  This subtle Chicago style track features old school Yamaha drums with some sweet oscillating synths equaling the Acid sound.  House and Techno heads will enjoy this tune.

G. Marcell is up next with “Yeah Dat Tu”.  Jacking Chicago House track period; that starts with a syncopated synth line that opens up into a beautiful chord progression.  The bass line is heavy and augments the chord progression very nicely.  Previously out digitally on Bearatone Recordings but Team Synapsis loved the track so much that we had to license it for a vinyl project.

Avondale Music Society, the other half of Team Synapsis, leads off the B side with “Skid”.  This bass heavy track parlays into a quarky synth line that brings back memories of the mid ’90’s House scene.  In typical Avondale Music Society style the tracks proceeds in a calculating way that makes you want dance.  The leopard growl takes you by surprise and when it is finished the track drops and you begin to dance again.

Mauser continues the plethora of goodness with “Leger De Main”.  This track bumps as Mauser employs his skills as the Jack Orchestra in which he obtains classical sounding arrangements with Acid instruments.  To get the full effect, one just has to listen to sound sample as it demonstratively explains for itself.  Originally appearing as a digital release called Jack Pulse EP (synapsis002), however this track is such a banger that Team Synapsis had to get it on wax.

Each track of this EP brings the various aspects of Chicago style to life: New school, Acid, Jack, House…  The sound of these tracks transcend time and thus the name “Timeless Chicago” is born.