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Number 018 is a collaboration between Christopher Rau & Hakim Murphy. During the many times that they have met, the topic of politics always came up in conversation. With all the problems in the world, the title of the 12” was formed: Geopolitical Problems Yet to be Solved. This four track EP symbolizes the differences of the world culture’s with its diverse track selection. Liquid synths, bouncing percussion, and variety of feels really describe this project. The problems of the world will never be solved but this is their take on what the problems sound like.

Sad Rain///The sounds of liquid arp lines begin the project, quickly joined by the percussion and gaining steam as the lines continue to evolve. More and more melodies join the synth storm, and slowly a new section makes it way to the front as the percussion drops out. The morphing arp lines continue to modulate until another section of arp lines makes its way to the front. This tune sounds utterly like the forever changing nature of a storm.

The Old Purple One///A heavy kick drum begins the tune in a banging fashion that is quickly joined with percussion. Surprisingly the whole feel of the tune changes into a deep moment in time. Two melodies are rocking with a broken beat style kick drum. The chord progression is longing and dreamy. Meanwhile the percussion is echoing with much reverb. The tune moves in and out of consciousness as the the elements play with each other. This one is for the green tree heads.

Ja Logo///Bouncing rhythms begin the B side with toms that move up and down. The percussion comes in slowly, establishing itself as the heart of the tune. Changes in feels and moods as the tom drum line takes over the focus of the tune. Then later the first acid line joins in the mix and more percussion fills up the arrangement. After an more obvious acid line enters changing the complexion of the tune. The tune rocks until the end with the elements coming and going in a playful manner.

Single Cell Organism///909 percussion begins as the record ends. The tune grooves up and down as it flows forward in motion. The synthed out hits fit nicely around the pumping bass line. All of this is intro for the nitrogen like arp line that serves as the main them of the song. This line modulates grabbing the attention of the ear, letting one to get lost in a daze. With all the elements present, the tune creates an electric feeling that will rock dance floors.

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Disco Piu’




Dream Scoring - Cinematic Panoramas


Another collaboration is on deck as 017 from Hakim Murphy and HEAR. Dream Scoring is up with a three track 12” titled Cinematic Panoramas. These tunes create different feels; two that are more straight up dance tunes and one with a flipped out disco vibe. This is the second 12”, following up the psychedelic Image of a Myth on Naissance Music as they continue with their moments of time scoring theme.

Discreet Floor///The project begins with a running drum loop with gradually added percussion and suddenly a synth line appears. The modulating line goes up and down, meanwhile a second drum percussion sound joins the fray. The interplay of the elements continue the momentum that kicked off from the start. The tunes continues to keep the groove while subtle changes to the percussion and more obvious synth modulations. The energy of this tune is non-stop like running a race.

Popeyes Spinach///A tripped out baseline, melody, and arpeggiation begins this tune. Reverb is drowning the chords in the background as the percussion moves back in forth. Disco from outer space describes the sound, there are many different things happening in this piece causing sensory overload. The effects keep going as the melody and kick holds it all together. This tune should be used when you or the crowd is on that level of deepness.

Milky Brain///The b side features a 10 minute tune that bumps. The clap and toms delay as the percussion builds up. Really two tracks in one as a synth line repeats and the percussion is the main focus of the tune. Then a true melody line comes in to rock as a baseline pumps in the low frequency register. There is playful interaction between the percussion and the synth lines. Later a vocoder drops in stating “The box will be jacked”, adding to continuous motion that is a relentless onslaught of waveforms that is 10 minutes long.







CPH Sessions is up next as Synapsis-014, this project was formed in back on the summer of 2012. A collaboration was born, Hakim Murphy & Rev S., Rev S. aka Samuel André Madsen is a Danish producer who has made quite a name for himself and his various aliases since we first started out collaboration with his label Delaphine and releases across a span of European and American labels.

CPH Sessions deep pads, long melodic phrases, and super rhythmic drum program describes what happened from the sessions. Let us get to the music and hear the waveforms:

Booming System///Classic drums begin as a melody line starts as the focus with moving percussion backing it up. Claps become the focus and set up the plush synth stabs, melodies, and harmonies to follow. Slowly the tones began to brighten the tune as time moves forward the tones become more intense. A distinct feel overcomes a listener, who can decide what it is they feel. The tune then breaks down into the percussion and rocks out to the end with playful arrangement.

Tryout///Percussions starts as the kick thuds like someone kicked a sack of potatoes. A clap syncopates and leads into the harmony line. The toms create a bass line followed by a melody line. The tunes joins forces as the chords filter and the melody comes in and out. Liquid sounds is a great adjective as the tune progresses the feel is vast like the loneliness of the ocean. Deepness comes through as the thuds and hits become more complex one may find themselves humming the chord progression.

Sarah Aron Melkisedek///Longing chord melody begin a long chord phrase coupled with percussion. Later a banging bass line with the slightest bit of noise joins in as the melody starts it phrase over. Backup synth lines come to the forefront for a while to change up the emotion, clearing the tune up like fog in the night. Yet the fog of emotions return as the chords end the tune.

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Rush Hour

Hakim Murphy





Murph Tone Jack Session Remixes have come up, I was planning to do a remix vinyl for at least a year. And finally the opportunity came up for me to get four reinterpretations from Chicago producers Chicago Skyway, G. Marcell, Ike Release, and Steven Tang. Their contributions expand the Jack Session with deep and rhythmic tunes that will rock from warehouse to boats.

Chicago Head (Chicago Skyway Remix)///The remix 12″ begins with hihats, melodies, and a train trip that explores the jack. Bouncing melodies accompany a story about life perceptions. The subtlies of the beats showcases Skyway’s drum programming.

Tender B (G. Marcell Tender Touch Remix)///The A side ends with classic G. Marcell percussion and drowning pads. Meanwhile the chords move in the background as a secondary broken kick pattern comes forth. The tune slowly builds and breaks as the kick drum pulsates.

Technicals (Ike Release Remix)///The B side begins with squelchy bass lines and some Murph Tone percussion sounds. Re-triggered percussion move around as the bass line continues to to tap the frequency spectrum to emotive rawness.

Tender B (Steven Tang Remix)///Ending the 12″ is a deep house jam that has the chord sound changed with a new bassline and string melody. Nice and deep is this tune.

Subtleties in music inspired the jack session album as the remixes follow this same ethos.  This is the conclusion of the  Murph Tone Jack Session.

Murph Tone Jack Session I

Murph Tone Jack Session II

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hakim murphy

Synapsis Records Radio


Synapsis Records Radio

Synapsis Records Radio

Synapsis Records Radio is born via Mixcloud to feature mixtapes from artist of Synapsis Records. Everyone on Synapsis has skills on the decks or the live PA. Spreading the music that we love, the label embarks on listening adventures from the roster that includes guests from the past, present, and future.

Hakim Murphy







Synapsis006 is up next with another collaboration between DJ Spider & Hakim Murphy called AudioTagz EP. Inspired by graffiti street art and translated into tones as they tag your eardrums. These throw ups are their signatures, as the take you on an adventure of techno, beatdown, deep house, and experimental sounds. This four track ep is dedicated to all the street artists out there representing themselves through their tags.

Concrete Canvas///Is up first as the bassline drops, followed by some atmosphere; the acid line appears with a nice bubbly effect. Later crazy chords come in to add to the melee.

Sprayz///Beatdown status in full happs, as the shakers move the synth line comes in and drives the tune with a nasty bass that is smashing bass bins.

ThrowUp199///Strong melody notes and spraying begins the tune as it suddenly turns into a jazzy deep joint, and finally ends with those strange chords which it bean with, celebrating the throw ups around the world.

Krylon Fingers///A broken beat joint that features two synth lines conversing with each other as the bass pulsates. Samples appear throughout to add to the ambiance.

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So, yeah team Synapsis had to get a Mauser EP on wax after releasing the banger; Leger De Main on the Timeless Chicago EP. The name of this release is “The Vault EP”, acid and techno tracks from the files of Mauser. He is straight representing Chicago techno that moves heads and dancefloors.  The tunes range from acid to straight techno. Ah, again a fresh fusion of Chicago elements from the Synapsis crew.

Blackman: Begins with a jazzed out acid house beat and progresses into a journey of rhythms. The appregiated melody lines, bring out your inner jack as the acid lines sneaks up on you so sweetly. Yes, I’m jacking to the pulse with the four on the floor!

Dancin: Previously released on the digital only Jack Pulse EP (synapsis002), Dancin is built on a melody line that constantly filters together with sparse sounds and vocals that say, dancin. What an acid banger, seriously you will start dancin.

Binary: A video game synth is abundant in this track, Mauser turns this sound into a jacking melody. I’m appreciating this Chicago techno story.  Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Regenerate: says, “Time for the techno beatdown.” Mauser shows us his love for techno as Regenerate moves and bangs.

Distributed by Crosstalk Chicago